D: Darkness

Darkness was all that surrounded him as he fell, lower and lower. He was sinking, drowning in emotions, a lonely, loathsome mess. His mind swirled, full of unwanted thoughts when strong, firm hands gripped him.

His girlfriend grabbed his shoulders in a vice-like grip, shanking him awake.

She held him close, stroking his hair and whispering calming words into his ears as he sobbed and sobbed. She placed a kiss on the top of his head and lifted him off the ground, bridal style. He vaguely remembered something like this happening in a shoujo manga he’d read.

She carried him to their room and place him on the bed, leaving for a quick second to pick up her guitar. She sat next to him and began to strum the song they’d written together, and the darkness that surrounded him began to dissipate.


C: Care

Aliah was sleepy, oh so sleepy and it was all the cough syrup’s fault. Caroline was feeding her syrup three times a day — and she still wasn’t getting better! She swallowed another mouthful of hot soup and savoured the feeling of it running down her throat. It was nice until Caroline decided to be a little shit and shove more down her throat without letting her finish the previous spoon.

Aliah coughed, spluttering angrily at her girlfriend. Caroline just giggled and flicked her on the nose, before gently feeding her more soup and telling her about what she’d missed in school. Aliah sighed, she really didn’t like school.

But she loved it when Caroline leaned down and kissed her.

Now, that was how to treat illness, or so she thought — until Caroline landed a cold too.

B: Before Bryan

Alison was a mess. Depressed, lonely — hell, she would have killed herself if she wasn’t such a coward. The familiar hiss of a knife against her wrist, the familiar feeling of pain, the familiar knowing that she deserved it.

Bryan made it better. Bryan made everything better.

Even though he was a little delusional, believing that she didn’t deserve any pain. Even though he wished to bear the pain in her stead. He couldn’t, and he probably wouldn’t want to, even if he could. But for now, it was better than what it was before.

Better than what it was before Bryan.


A: After Allison

It was hard, watching her lie on the bed as her life ebbed away. It was harder still, to whisper a soft ‘I love you’ as she kissed him with a sense of finality. It was the hardest to see stone-cold faces at her funeral, like they had never cared for her in the first place.

But truth be told, they never loved her like he did in the first place.

They never wanted to hold her hands and tenderly kiss away her tears under the stars, no, they were the very cause of her sorrow. The sorrow that gentle, sweet, kind Alison didn’t deserve, not one bit. Alison deserved to be loved, loved passionately for every day she wasn’t before and so on forever; but they took that away from her. Took that away from poor, sweet Alison. From gentle, kind Alison.

She didn’t deserve the knife, she didn’t deserve the wait, she didn’t deserve the pain.

He hoped that wherever she was, it was better than down here.

7 // grief

falling down sobbing crying screaming yelling cutting bleeding my ears are ringing incessantly can’t hear can’t think can’t breathe nothing makes sense where are you why did you leave where have you gone how could you leave me in a hysterical mess lonely gone gone gone gone g

you leave me in pieces
i am nothing but the grief
you leave behind


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