Aizawa, The Sleepy Teacher

Sandy marched furiously to the detention room. All because of Mira and all her extra loud whispers. He heard  “Help”, “case” with some wild rolling of her eyes and shaking of her notebook while pointing at Susie. As usual, she had decided not to wait until the class ended to go off on a ‘case’. And had them all sent off to detention.

The always yawning teacher, Mr. Aizawa was, thankfully, snoring, sprawled on the desk.

He walked in to see Mira and a…quiet Susie!

Susie will not speak…ever again!” Mira wailed. “I think it has something to do with the missing notebook!”

Susie scribbled on the blackboard furiously, When I received the notebook,  it said I could take an ability from anyone, with a price. In haste, I wrote that irritating Tina’s name and ‘chatterbox’ next to it so she’d get scolded. It took away my ability to talk!!

“If writing the ability takes it, why don’t you just erase it and reverse it?” Sandy asked

I can’t find the notebook, Susie wrote.

“This sounds like a job for…Mira the detective!” Mira yelled, striking a confident pose.

Sandy sighed. Mira, the drama queen, he thought.

“Retracing your steps could be a start”, he suggested.

Susie wrote I had it when I entered the detention room. 

“We should start looking around the detention room,” Sandy muttered, getting up and rummaging through the boxes.

He felt something grab on to his hand.

A poof of black smoke, he was face to face with a grinning Mr. Aizawa. His red eyes sparkled with malice. “All you kids, especially Susie…are too noisy. I thought it’d be better if y’all shut up so I gave Susie that notebook. Soon the whole school will be quiet, and I can sleep undisturbed.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Sandy spied the notebook. He could almost reach it. It was truly Sandy to the rescue. He made a mad dash and leaped for the notebook, throwing caution to the wind.

In moments, Sandy struck off Tina’s name. He hoped he had reversed the charm.

Mr. Aizawa looked like he was going to put a spell on him. Suddenly, he yawned and slept off right there!!!

To think, a sleepy teacher and his magic were behind it.

But, unfortunately, Susie’s chatter was back. Now, where was that notebook…


PS: This attempt was inspired by a Kahani Takbak competition asking to use three book titles from Duckbill publications‘ Hole books in a story. All feedback is appreciated. 🙂



My very being is a dark bottle
Filled with a mess of emotion
That twists and turns and knots itself into
Pain, sadness and hatred

But that bottle
Is covered with a white sheet
So it pretends it doesn’t exist

The white sheet embodies
Pure, happy, joyful thoughts
And embroidered on its surface
Is one word, one vital instruction


The Words I Say

I was only 13 when I locked out my friends,
Said I never wanna see ’em again.
They creep, they creep
Under the door,
Tryin’ to get into the fort that I’ve made
Around myself.
These fears, these worries
The’re tryna’ get to me.
And I’m afraid, yeah, I’m afraid,
That’s, oh, it’s working.
The words I say, choke my throat
I can’t say anything more,
I need to say something more than what I never did.
Will I be my worst regret?
I don’t want anyone near me,
I don’t wanna see them cry.
I want you to leave me alone,
I don’t want you to try!
I know I can’t be saved,
Pick up the shards of my broken being.
Give me a nice send-off,
And when you come down to hell,
Come see me.
The words I said, choke my throat
I won’t say anything more,
I should have said something more than what I never did.
I am my worst regret.
No, no, no.
My head is spinning,
My blood is rushing,
The tears are flowing.
And then I see your face,
Are you upset? Relieved? Dissapointed?
You rush towards me,
I collapse, a sobbing mess
But you catch me.
And the tears flow again.
“Please help me,” I sputter,
The words I said, free my throat.
I don’t need to say anything more,
I’ve done what I needed to do.
I am getting better.
I am getting better.

She is Different Now

The girl I love
Is amazing, beautiful and strong
Can weave words into beautiful pictures
Of courage, love and epiphany
And believed in herself and us
More than I did

Her eyes shone bright
When she spoke about us
When she spoke about things she loved
And I loved it

No other I’ve seen can hold a candle to
Her fire, that burns so bright

She is different now
Not any less amazing, beautiful or strong
She no longer believes in herself
She no longer believes in us

Bangles of blood adorn her wrists
And she craves that pain
For reasons I cannot fathom
She is so smart, so talented
She can bend words to her every whim

But now
She bends them against me
Hiding herself behind
A wall of false words
“I’m fine” “I’m okay” “I’m cold”

But her eyes
Those eyes that once shone with laughter
Now revel in the depths of sadness

Imploring me to push forward,
To stay
Even if her words say otherwise

So I push on
Staying there
Holding on
Smiling, laughing
Even though
Every time I see the pain
Reflected in her eyes
I am broken a little more

Come out
Speak to me

I am okay with anything
As long as you’re okay

You can cry and scream
And feel like you’re a mess

But promise me that
I’ll see you again tomorrow.


A bright blue sea, shimmering and sparkling.
Turquoise waves capped with froth the colour of fresh snow.
The glitter of the sun dusts each tranquil wave with a golden gleam.
It stretches to infinity.

A harsh growl from deep underneath, a chill seeps into my bones.
The waves are tall, towering above my insignificant existence.
They crash on the beach, nearly devouring me whole.

I am left to face the cruelty of the oceans in his eyes all alone.