Smurfs: The Lost Village – A Lost cause

Our summer vacation had just started and we all agreed that a movie would be a great start. Scrolling through the list of kid-friendly movies, the Smurfs movie was the only one available, and my younger brother seemed very enthusiastic to see it, hence we decided to give it a shot.

Sitting in the theatre, (after fighting with my brother, spilling two tubs of popcorn on myself and getting reprimanded for my lack of responsibility), I realised that this movie was fully animated, and the style had changed as well.

Inspite of initial dislike, I had enjoyed both the first and the second one. (SHHH)

Here is my mind ramblings while watching the movie:

  1. Where’s Patrick, Grace, Blue and Victor? I miss Patrick denying everything and  Grandpa Victor being there to correct him.
  2. Um…why is there a rivalry between Hefty and Brainy? Do we have to do stereotype wars now?
  3. Oh, yay ! Clumsy’s not-so-clumsy anymore. Turns out, he can ride  fire breathing dragonflies really well! 
  4. What is the deal with the female smurfs? Hello, I ordered a backstory with extra drama. Still waiting?
  5. Major plot holes here. Why is it called the forbidden forest? Was there some history between Papa Smurf and Smurf Willow? (I half expected that, though. I was more shocked when it didn’t happen.)
  6. Oooookay. AND MOST IMPORTANT What happened to Gargamel? Where is Hank Azaria?   I missed his wondrous evil..

    But do not despair, the movies was not all bad. After every storm, there is a rainbow, AKA positive commentary:
  1. The animation style is much better than the older one, and suits the targeted audience more. Reminded me of the beautiful forest in Avataar
  2. Who doesn’t love cute little glow-in-the-dark bunnies?
  3. The female smurfs are amazing at everything and completely outwit the male smurfs. I like how they are warrior types and not cutie, blondie and dancey!
  4. Gargamel’s going to become GAGA-mel running after 201 smurfs. (Gaga=Crazy)
  5. Clumsy finally found something he’s good at.

I think the movie was aimed at a younger audience, since there wasn’t enough plot for people above eight

I found the second Smurfs movie particularly interesting with Smurfette exploring her bad side, the choices that shape her and Papa Smurfs’s wise words as always. But this one felt like a sparkly gorgeously wrapped present with a half hearted gift bought in a hurry ..

Overall, this movie was okay. Sure, take your little kid and go, but in my opinion it’s a movie you can wait for to appear on TV. Smurfs 2, despites it’s uncreative title, held learning opportunities for both adults and children as well and was much better.

Recommendations? Kids  below 8 only. (okay ten may be)

Oh, and before you go to watch it, adults, remember to take a book.